5 top tips for defining your career path

Whether you’ve recently started out in your career or are 20+ years in, there’s always a time when we ask ourselves the question, is this the right career path for me? During the lock down, people have had a lot of time to reflect and ask themselves the question Is this really what I want to do? There are so many choices of career, jobs and opportunities out there, it can be really difficult to make a decision. I’ve put together 5 of my top tips to help you define if you’re on the right path and how to decide if you need to make a change. Firstly, grab a pen and paper as there will be a lot of questions you'll have to answer.

  1. Are you happy in your job? Do you enjoy getting up and starting your working day? If you’re not happy or you don't find it fulfilling, start writing what it is that makes you feel this way. Is it the job itself? Or the routine? The tasks? The industry or the career itself? Be honest with yourself and recognise what exactly it is that's getting you down and ask yourself what you may need to do to change that.

  2. Write down everything you like and dislike about your job. Remember there are ups and downs to every job but you definitely should be enjoying at least 80% of it. You work approx. 1/3 of your life, it has to be something you enjoy. If it is significantly less than 80% enjoyable, then it is time to take action and make a change. Take your list of what you do like and make sure those elements exist in your next career opportunity. Sometimes it may only need to be your job you change rather than a complete career change.

  3. Write down your greatest passions and interests. Does a job exist in these areas and a career you can pursue? Can you turn any of them into a full time job if it doesn't already exist? Work backwards and write down the steps you would need to achieve this. Remember anything is possible.

  4. Do your research. Look at different roles, different careers, different industries, all of this information is available online or through your connections. Invest the time in looking into these areas. Write down what you feel you would like and would not like to do based on what you’ve found. This will help you in your decision of the right path to pursue.

  5. Take a chance on something. If you’re not sure of something, try it and don't be afraid to make a mistake. The only thing worse than trying something that scares you, is not trying it at all. If there is something on your mind for a long time, give it a go. You never know what opportunities are in store.

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