Change your Mindset

Do you ever have one of those days where EVERYTHING goes wrong?

I hear you. I've had one of those days recently where one thing spiralled downhill after another. It started with something small as hitting my elbow off the table (you know that sore funny bone hit, it's soo painful!), next the kettle lid broke (and I can't live without my tea!), went to go for a walk (after waiting all day) and as I opened the door, it started raining! Next off I went to the shop and they sold out of my favourite bread!

I was in shock, couldn't believe where it all went wrong! - Disclaimer I do recognise these are quite minor issues in the grand scheme of things - however, I looked back to see where it went wrong and why I was beyond frustrated at these minor things and was left feeling gloomy.

I realised it was my mindset. Once one thing went wrong and annoyed me, I kept thinking "what's next to go wrong?" and there consistently was another thing that went wrong. It was the weight I put on each thing that went wrong which in turn created my negative outlook for the day.

At that moment I laughed it off, told myself to move on and I can get that bread tomorrow, everything really is great. You know what happened next? Nothing. I was happy out for the day moving on with my activities. Moral of the story, if negative things keep happening to you, change your mindset. Turn a negative into a positive, move on from the situation and keep being positive, you'll be surprised at how your day changes around.

How have you had a similar realisation? Comment below and let me know 😊

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