5 top tips to Overcome Inaction

Life can be extremely busy. You have a thousand things to do in a day, cook, eat, work, clean, exercise etc. and by the time it comes down to sitting down to work on your goals or something extra you simply want to relax.

I’ve put together 5 of my top tips to overcome inaction and help get you motivated to work on those goals.

1. Countdown and go. Countdown 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and just jump up and do that task you’ve been putting off. You’d be surprised how effective it is. If you don’t do it the first time, do it again until you complete the task and think of nothing else. 9 times out of 10 the thought of doing something is worse than actually doing it.

2. Clearly track your weekly and daily tasks. If you’re like me, and don’t write it down, it will most definitely be forgotten and not completed. Dedicate time at the start of the week and write down in a planner what you must complete for that week and split these tasks out into daily tasks. It’ll help you focus and remember your to-do’s!

3. Allocate just 10 minutes per day to the task. The worst thing about completing a task is thinking about it. If you say to yourself “I will just spend 10 minutes this evening completing this task” you will change your mindset rather than thinking “this task will take up my whole evening”. You may find once you get into the task you’ll be interested and determined and get it completed. You’ll also feel great after just getting it done!

4. Tick off completed tasks and give yourself a reward. Even if it is something small make sure there is a reward at the end of the task. For example, when I complete a task that has taken me some time and was something I was putting off, I get up and get myself a cup of tea and a 10-minute break. It’s important to acknowledge the good job you’ve done and take a little break, rather than constantly think of the tasks ahead.

5. Remove distractions. Put your phone in another room and walk into another room to complete your tasks. If you’re living with someone, tell them you are dedicating these 30 mins per day to X task, therefore you won’t be available to chat or have dinner at these times. Treat it as if you had to go to work for example. It’s just as important to complete and should be treated as a “necessity” rather than “it would be good to complete”.

Keeping focused all the time can be tricky but if you try to keep practising the above tips, it will really help you in the long run and will become a habit rather than forced behaviour.

If you need help keeping on track with your goals and staying motivated you can book a free consultation with me here: https://link.aislinghealycoaching.com/book-free Follow me on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/aislinghealycoaching/ for more daily/weekly tips and extra motivation! Thanks for reading, Aisling 😊

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